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    Movable pool house and pool floor solutions

    Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools bring joy to our daily lifes, deciding on which of these two options to choose makes life hard. For this exact decision, EEX has developed its MUTANDOR System. This high-tech pool house presents the opportunity to use one swimming pool for both indoor and outdoor use.

    By using mobile walls, a mobile roof, and heating and lighting solutions; your pool can be used all every day, all year long. Additionally, as each wall can be controlled separately, enabling you to adjust everything completely up to personal wishes.

    Visit the MUTANDOR news article for more specific information on the MUTANDOR System.

    Next to the MUTANDOR, EEX also offers in height-adjustable pool floor solutions. This enables you to adjust the depth of the pool whenever this is demanded. More importantly, this solution offers the possibility to change to swimming pool into a terrace and the other way around. Therewith, whenever more terrace space is needed, the pool changes into a terrace place. And, when you would like to use the pool again, the water will easily and quickly show again.